Summerville, SC - home of the world’s largest glass of sweet tea! 

If you’re new to the south, you should probably know that sweet tea runs as an acceptable option for a beverage at any meal time - breakfast, lunch, or dinner! The sugary beverage is a refreshing option for a hot summer day or even a cold winter’s day. Seasons don’t discriminate about when the best time for a cold cup of sweet tea can be enjoyed! 

Something else you might not know is that Summerville is home to the largest glass of sweet tea! You might not have known that was even something to be proud of, but it is! Just last year, Summerville took on the task of breaking the record for largest cup of tea brewed and WON! 

On June 10, 2016, The Guinness Book of World Records came to Summerville to record the specs of the sweet tea glass. The world record was achieved by the tea glass which was constructed by Scout Boats measuring 9,554 I (2,101 gal, 2,524 US gal). 


The brew used 210 pounds of loose leaf tea and 1,700 pounds of sugar! Talk about a sugar rush! After the tea was brewed, a town tea party was held in order to celebrate the world record being met! All of Summerville came out to commemorate this occasion. And of course, lots of sweet tea was served to quench everyone’s thirst! (This information was obtained from The Guinness Book of World Records website.) 

Affectionately named Mason, the glass stands over 15 feet tall (you’d need an extra long strong for this glass, for sure)! Because Charleston is well known for The Charleston Tea Plantation, it only seemed fitting to use the tea leaves from the plantation to brew the sweet tea! And of course, the 1,700 pounds of sugar used was Dixie Crystal (the South's favorite sugar). 

As you drive through beautiful Summerville, you will be greeted with signs that boast our world record! We have taken a liking to holding the world record title, and we intend to keep it that way! You will certainly enjoy sweet tea at every corner when you visit Summerville, and even more if you decide to make Summerville your home! 

Whether you live in Summerville, or are just passing through, stopping to visit Mason is a MUST!  Head on down to 200 S Main Street in Summerville to see Mason and marvel at the tea glass that broke the world record for most tea brewed in one day! It’s definitely a sight to see!