The Sweet Smell of Fall is Upon Us - The Sweet Tea Festival Has Arrived

Ah. It’s beginning to feel a lot like…. Fall! Here at The Flowertown Group, we like to honor our seasons and holidays and give them their allotted time on the calendar (hence why we didn’t continue singing the song that you were thinking we were going to… but we wanted to)! 

Which brings us to what we have coming up this month - Fall! And with the start of Fall comes one of our most favorite times of the year here in Summerville - The Sweet Tea Festival. That’s right folks, we’re getting closer to the event of the season and the tea just keeps getting sweeter and the weather keeps getting cooler. 

Let’s travel back to the start of The Sweet Tea Festival. Tea was brought to South Carolina in the late 1700’s and has since become a staple all over the south. Tea plantations are spread across Summerville and Charleston bringing an abundance of tea plants to keep our sweet tea addiction satisfied! It has been proven that growing tea here has been so successful because of the rich soil (so we can take credit for the deliciousness of the tea, too!). 

Summerville has been branded as the birthplace of sweet tea within the last couple of years, and rightfully so. This wasn’t just a marketing ploy, or a means to get people into the town (after all, trademarking such a term is a bit more difficult than one might think). What did happen was the discovery of a receipt from a get together of soldiers who were in Summerville during 1890 for a reunion of sorts. And what did they purchase while they were in town? You guessed it: iced tea and sugar. 

In 1995, South Carolina’s General Assembly joined together to discuss the state’s hospitality beverage. And guess what they decided on? Sweet Tea. 

So it’s extremely safe to say that sweet tea has been, and will continue to be, a staple in our state due to its thick roots and rich history. We’re just fortunate enough to get to claim the title of the actual birthplace of the glorious, sugary goodness here in our very own town!

The Sweet Tea Festival is a time to celebrate the rich history of Summerville and the delicious drink that has since quenched so many thirsts throughout the entire Southeast. Summerville is also known for the largest glass of sweet tea, which was a title captured last year during a Genis Book of World Records event - let’s just say this mason jar would keep your thirst in check for months (maybe years)!!

Sponsored by The Summerville Dream, this year’s Sweet Tea Festival is happening this week - the third Thursday of September. Starting at 4:30pm on September 21st, come enjoy food, music, history, local shops, and of course, sweet tea! 

Downtown will be full of live music filling the streets with sweet tea to quench that summer thirst that will be lingering. Enjoy walking around to all of the different shops and finding something unique and special for everyone you love (especially yourself). 

And, if you enjoy supporting local artisans, vendors will be set up throughout the downtown area to provide you with some of the most original and beautiful pieces you’ve ever seen! We love local vendors here in Summerville and pride ourselves in finding any opportunity to spotlight them! 

So come on out to The Sweet Tea Festival on September 21st from 4:30pm - 8:30pm and embrace yourself in all of the sugary goodness that will surely surround you at every turn. Bring the family to get the Fall season started off right, or come by yourself to indulge in the refreshing, ice cold goodness - whichever it is, just get yourself there!